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Magnificent Monday with Yoko Inoue


Specializing in organic nourishing raw food and living food cuisine, Chef Yoko Inoue, behind the incredible @Shokuiku in Australia, is a place to learn and experience a new dynamic way of eating. From smoothies with super foods and super herbs, tonic teas, elixirs, freshly made salad and raw desserts, our meals are always nurturing and loving to your body, soul, and of course your taste-buds!
They only use the finest healing organic/biodynamic ingredients sourced sustainably, with empahasis on raw vegetables, fruits, fermented and whole natural foods. Their philiosphy is based on raw and living food cuisine, enhanced with contemporary and traditional idea of macrobiotic and Chinese philosophy. Shokuiku integrates the knowledge from both East Asian tradition and modern nutrition.
Q: What is your mantra of the moment?
Gratitude is what I always come back to. Real happiness isn't anything large and shiny that is suppose to be coming in the future. A cuddle with my daughter, first cherry blossom, soulful conversations, having a place to share my passion and love for healthy conscious lifestyle and foods. They may be all little things but recognizing and stay grateful for these miracle moments everyday is what I strive for.
Q: What magnificent project are you most excited about right now?
A: We have launched our online raw food program, which I hope to share my knowledge with more people and love for healthier, innovative and whole food movement. Recipe book is one of the projects right now. We always have many exciting events and projects happening at Shokuiku. Every events, collaborations, dinners, workshops, connection with other conscious beings and simply being in the kitchen with an inspiration are what I cherish very much.

Q: What Omica product do you think is magnificent?
A: Definitely Omica stevia, especially vanilla and butterscotch, are amazing. I also love the flavour of sunroot syrup. Shilajit is another product that I adore for my wellbeing. I can trust all of Omica's products, as I know all of their products are thoughtfully produced and distributed.

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