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Magnesium Oil Spray - with Lavender (4 fl oz)

A Topical Spray of Ancient Inland Pure Ocean Minerals "high in Magnesium Chloride" with Lavender Hydrosole from Sophia's Biodynamic Garden.

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This topical spray combines Kosher Ancient Inland Pure Ocean Minerals "high in Magnesium Chloride" with Organic/Biodynamic Lavender Hydrosol.

  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Non-Irradiated
  • Product of the USA
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Lavender Hydrosol from Sophia's Biodynamic Farm

4 fl oz (118 mL)

Omica does not, nor has ever, tested on animals.

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Kosher Ancient Inland Pure Ocean Mineral high in Magnesium Chloride and other naturally-occurring trace minerals, Purified Water, and Organic/Biodynamically-grown Lavender Hydrosol



Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes I feel a tingling when I spray it on my skin
It is not unusual to feel a harmless, gentle tingling. We suggest you first apply lightly to the inside of your forearm to test your sensitivity. If you wish, dilute with water to lower the concentration.

Has this product been irradiated?
No, none of the products sold by Omica Organics have been irradiated.




Spray onto body and massage into skin for maximum absorption. Apply first lightly to inside of forearm to test sensitivity; may be diluted with water. Avoid contact with eyes, face and other sensitive areas. A gentle tingling sensation is normal. May also be added to bath or used as a foot soak.


Amazing results!! Best Mag oil!!Review by Jenn
My husband has horribly restless legs while he sleeps. He moves his legs so much I can't tell if he is awake or asleep. I wake him when his RLS is going and spray him with your Magnesium Oil Spray. His legs are almost completely calm the rest of the night. I always get RLS during my pregnancies and it stops it from happening now that I have this awesome oil. Bought a bottle for my mom, my father in law and my 91 year old grandma, who all used to take meds for their RLS. Their meds are not needed anymore.
Five StarsReview by Joyce Wright (Amazon Verified Feedback - posted 8/13/16)
I use this on my legs for cramping. But the reason I bought this was for my 95-year old mother. She has restless leg syndrome and is unable to get to sleep at night. She refuses to take any magnesium tablets since they are so large. So I bought her this and now she is able to fall asleep at night since this calms her legs down. I also use this in my practice for people who get leg cramps.
My Go-To Pain RelieverReview by Mol (Amazon review - posted on 1/7/15)
Awesome!! Helps with pain so quickly.
Five StarsReview by Juju (Amazon Review - posted 3/16/15)
Works really well. It has soothed my pain.
Like it very muchReview by Heirloom Acres (Verified Amazon Feedback - posted 6/22/15)
Nice glass bottles, works very well for me. No upset tummy with the spray.
5 StarsReview by Debbie C (Amazon Verified Feedback - posted 7/17/16)
I love this product!
Five StarsReview by Ralene Gregory (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 4/25/15)
Very nice scent. Really helped legs and feet.
Five StarsReview by Mary M Ryan (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 5/3/16)
love this because it's not itchy like some of the other magnesium sprays
Five StarsReview by C B-True (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 3/6/15)
This has really helped with my leg cramps. I rarely get them when using this spray.
Awesome Product!!Review by Mary (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 8/27/15)
This is so good...i spray it on my shoulder. This really helped me...I would buy it again thank you!!
Use DailyReview by Laura Darter (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 8/17/14)
Use this daily and I promise you will notice a difference for the better!
I highly recommend this productReview by Lauren Marie Cappello (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 2/2/15)
After about two weeks I started feeling much more calm and energetic. Craving less chocolate and sweets was an unexpected, but welcome effect. I highly recommend this product, and will be reordering.
Easy product to use, no lossReview by Branda (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 4/20/16)
This spray is outstanding.. I spray it on my arm and it absorbs without any loss of the product.
Awesome!Review by Pookerella (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 11/19/15)
I spray this stuff on my arms. Smell is very soft lavender scent, a teeny bit sticky, but it works so well.
A great product!Review by Cynysha Thompson (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 2/17/14)
I searched Amazon and found what I hoped was the best among the oils offered. I have only been using it for a little over a month and so far I can feel the difference. At first, after baths, I would spray each leg once just to be sure I wouldn't have a reaction. Now I spray up to three times on each leg after baths and rub it through. Give this product a try!
A MiracleReview by Kathy Manizza (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 1/28/14)
This stuff is amazing. I have used it on my own cramps and tight muscles and it greatly improves the soreness. But, I also use it on track athletes that I coach. They are back to practice much quicker and say that it helps them to feel better almost instantly. Definitely worth a try.
Love this!Review by Amazon Customer (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 5/21/14)
I think a lot of topical Mg has a funky smell.. this one smells great! Helps put me to sleep, too, and I skip all the messy side effects that oral Mg has.
Product works great!Review by frugalprincess (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 8/2/14)
I like to spray it on at night so I don't have to struggle walking when I get out of bed. I am pleased with this product.
Five StarsReview by onebearheart (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted Nov. 1, 2014)
Wonderful product! this is the 3rd bottle i have ordered and used. it is waaaay better than any of the others. i am seeing omica organics puts out superior products! this does not burn, sting, or cause any irritation. i spray on shoulders, neck, soles of feet and feel better instantly! thank you
OMGOSH this really WORKS!!Review by BeccaOBecca (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted Feb 13, 2014)
So tired of putting chemicals on my body so I decided to trust and give this one a try. I AM SOOOOO happy I did! You really deserve to try this and give your body a break from harsh chemicals. LOVE IT!!!!!
Wow!Review by blessed6x (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 7/10/15)
I've had extremely tight neck & shoulders for many years now... chiro & massage can't even keep it loosened up. I read about magnesium's effect on the muscles & decided to give it a try. It really works! I have to reapply throughout the day, but I can feel relief quickly after applying!
I don't know the science behind it.....Review by MetLog1 (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 3/16/13)
but there's no question I'm recovering my legs after intense endurance exercise a whole lot quicker since I started using this product.
I've noticed the difference quicklyReview by Catherine Darsay (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 12/30/13)
I bought this in the hope that it would help with my RLS. Within a week I began noticing the difference. I'm finally sleeping without pain.
Not sticky. Wonderful product.Review by Megan S. Stevens (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted Feb 7, 2016)
My favorite magnesium oil! Use this on one's calves before bed to completely obliterate RLS (restless leg syndrome) or leg spasms. Also use on tummy and upper chest. This brand is NOT sticky!! And the bottle lasts a long time.
Love this product!Review by C. Conley (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted Nov. 13, 2012)
Ever since I learned that the best way to supplement magnesium is by spraying on the skin, I've been trying different brands. This is my favorite. This product smells great and does the trick!
Great for my kidney and my husband's knee tightnessReview by Organic Guru Lynnette Marie
This has been great to relieve some pain in my kidney as well as I have used it to help a cyst in my hand. The therapeutic aroma is delightful and calming to my nerves. My husband has less tightening in his injured knee. It helps him to not be as sore climbing stairs.
Thank you for keeping it PURE!

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