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Organic Stevia Extract Sweetener (1.2 oz)

Omica Organics' Stevia Extract Powder is among the best-tasting and highest-quality stevia sweeteners available.

Our certified organic stevia leaves are the highest grade and are gently processed, resulting in a deliciously sweet and smooth-tasting zero-calorie sweetener.

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We harvest our leaf crystals from the highest grade of certified organic stevia leaves, and process gently, the way nature intended, to yield a deliciously sweet and smooth-tasting zero-calorie sweetener.

Our gentle, TruExtract™ method of Stevia extraction uses NO methane, hexane, or ethyl acetate, and delivers a sweetener that is rich in Rebaudioside-A and low in Rebaudioside-C, thus eliminating bitterness. The higher the levels of Rebaudioside-A and the lower the levels of Rebaudioside-C, the better tasting the Stevia. Our patented way of preserving this extract in powdered form also sets us apart.

Omica Organics' proprietary stevia is cultivated from an extensive network of family -owned stevia farms. Self-sustaining farming methods help preserve the naturally-beneficial phytochemicals of the stevia leaf. The leaves are picked by hand at the peak of the growing season, then dried naturally using sunlight and fresh air.

  • 350 Times Sweeter Than Sugar; Use Very Sparingly
  • Certified Organic and Kosher
  • No Methane, Hexane, Methanol or Ethyl Acetate Used in Processing
  • Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar
  • 1000 Servings Per Container
  • 100% Pure and Natural Stevia Extract; No Additives, Fillers, Soy, or Artificial Ingredients
  • Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten-Free
  • Convenient Glass Shaker Bottle

1.2 oz (34 grams)         Serving size:  3400 mg (1/80 of tsp)        Servings per container:  1000

We use no animal products. Omica is a cruelty-free company and does not, nor has ever, tested on animals.

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Product Label

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Organic Stevia Leaf Extract (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni) standardized to 100% steviosides

Many of our ingredients are available individually in bulk sizes, including our Stevias. Call us at 800-613-6311 for bulk product information, availability, and pricing.



Frequently Asked Questions

Has this product been irradiated?
No, none of the products sold by Omica Organics have been irradiated.

Are solvents used to spray dry this stevia into a powder?
No solvents are used in the production of this product. Our stevia leaves are picked by hand at the height of the growing season, then dried naturally using sunlight and fresh air.



Suggested Use

Very Sweet. Add VERY SPARINGLY to coffee, tea or any other hot or cold beverage. Also great for baking or cooking.


Exactly what I was looking forReview by GINNY
I've tried a lot of different stevias and have found them unsatisfactory because of their bitter aftertaste. Omica stevia extract powder is truly ultra sweet with absolutely no bitter aftertaste. The bonus is that it is certified organic, grown and processed in the US, comes in a glass bottle that won't leach chemicals into the product, and has no fillers or added ingredients. I like the fact that it is slightly clumpy, which means that it does NOT contain flow agents, which other stevias contain but are not required to be included on the label list of ingredients. The required serving size is miniscule, one bottle should last me a long time, and I thought the price quite reasonable considering all of the bonus points mentioned above. I will definitely buy this again, and will also promote this product to friends and family.
YumReview by Amazon Customer (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 6/29/16)
I have tried many. This is simply the best tasting with ZERO bitter after taste. Something to do with the way they process the stuff.
I love this stuffReview by Lucinda Kennedy (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 5/28/16)
Don't need much at all. I love this stuff.
This stuff is SWEET!Review by Kassandra (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 1/7/16)
Go lightly
Good product!Review by Erin Cline (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 3/29/15)
Used for homemade toothpaste and it is good.
This is by FAR the best Stevia I have ever triedReview by Baruch I. (Amazon Review - posted 8/19/15)
There is nothing like it on the market. Highly recommended!!!
My favorite sweetenerReview by April M. Hickman (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 3/16/15)
Doesn't hurt my stomach like other artificial sweetners - very sweet - use sparingly - good value
This is the Stevia I've been looking for!Review by Cindie (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 11/2/15)
This is the best Stevia I've ever used. In the past, I've gotten headaches, even autoimmune responses from using other stevia brands. But this one has no side effects. And the littlest bit really sweetens a lot. Highly recommended. Will buy know, when the 1,000 servings of this one goes.
I really like that I only need 1-2 sprinkles for my coffeeReview by aMiamiRN (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 5/28/16)
This will last much longer than expected. If you notice, many of the "raw stevia" products have maltodextrin or added things. This product DOES NOT. It is pure stevia powder. Really love it.
Taste is very goodReview by brucegn (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 5/25/14)
purchased this product for my wife as she does not use sugar and wanted something natural. This worked out very well, you only need a very small amount (purchased a "drop" measuring spoon). Taste is very good. I expect the jar will last a very long time since you need very little to sweeten items.
This is excellentReview by Andrew S. (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 8/15/15)
Crazy sweet. A little goes a long way. Tastes terrific; if it tastes funny that means you put too much. Don't let the price scare you. I use 2/60 of a teaspoon for 1 pint of heavy cream to make whipped cream. This bottle will last me a long time.
Nice replacement as other Stevias are now adding MaltodextrinReview by Lorraine Yancoski (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 12/29/14)
Nice replacement as other Stevias are now adding Maltodextrin. This is very sweet. Only con is I wish it came with a little scoop instead of the holes with which you shake it. But highly recommend this one.

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