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12-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Under Counter System with Tank

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12-Stage and Six Cartridges that are easy to change and easy to reach. Requires Less than Half the Space with Robust Construction and Durable Finish.

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Much more than just an RO system. Omica's 12-stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration Sytem removes up to 99.9% of undesirable contaminants and filters particles as small as 1/1000 micron.

Reduces water pollutants, including Chlorine, Fluoride, Radioactive Particles, Arsenic (Pentavalent), Chromium, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Radium, and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Specially Designed to further reduce Radioactive Particles with the help of Zeolite, Specially Activated Coconut Carbon and Shungit. Designed to provide healthy amounts of minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Durable, precisely-engineered in-line system gives superior and trouble-free performance while consuming NO energy. Our tankless in-line RO systems give you convenient filtered water right at your sink any time, every time. As clean as (or cleaner) than bottled water at a fraction of the cost, while taking up less than half the space of most reverse-osmosis systems.

  • 135 GPD portable system, works for water pressure 40-80psi
  • Six Cartridges that are easy to change and easy to reach
  • Alkalizes and Balances pH
  • Polishes and restructures water for a more refreshing experience and delicious crisp taste
  • Requires Less than Half the Space
  • Robust Construction; Durable Finish
  • Trouble-Free Functionality, Reliable, long lasting performance
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Friendly Customer & Tech Support

You will need the following supplies to install the WaterByOmica Under Counter 12-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

  • Pliers or Wrench
  • Scissors or Knife
  • Electric Drill
  • Screwdriver (optional)
  • Zip Ties (optional)
  • Bucket to catch water (optional)
  • Towels (optional)
  • Flashlight (optional)

Third party laboratory testing performed by: Envirotek Laboratories, NJ.
- NSF 58 Chloramine Reduction test
- NSF 58 Fluoride Reduction Test
- NSF 58 Gross Alpha and Beta Radiation reduction test
- NSF 58 Metals Reduction Test








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