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What are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols are often referred to as floral waters or hydrolats and can be made not only with flowers, but fruit peels, seeds, bark, roots and also leaves.  Though highly effective, hydrosols are significantly milder than essential oils, and offer a gentle dose of the aromatic plant’s healing expression.

Although the majority of hydrosols are the byproduct of essential oil distillation in a process that separates the oil from the waters, the best come from artisans who use certified organic methods for the sole purpose of producing the hydrosol.  In this process, used at Sophia’s Garden, a percentage of the oil is allowed to remain, leaving a more potent hydrosol.

Sophia’s Garden’s therapeutic hydrosols are a reflection of the entire plant and are imbued with all of its special properties.  In addition to fragrance, these floral waters capture all of the plant’s elemental expression:  the water soluble components, essential oil molecules, and the fluid flowing through the plant when it was collected.  They offer healing properties and access to the life force of the plant.

Hydrosols have a rich history and many cultures, including India, Persia, ancient Egypt and Rome, have embraced their restorative powers. 

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